TV Advertising Production


We know that central to your considerations during the planning of your campaign will be TV advertising production costs. Well, we have good news for you: when it comes to creating a broadcast-quality TV commercial, businesses have never had it so good. Advances in everyday, mass-market technology now mean that, theoretically, companies can shoot, produce and edit a TV ad using just a smartphone and iMovie. Whilst many advertisers will still – rightly – opt for a professional service, this doesn’t mean that they’ll be paying through the roof, with increased competition driving costs down to an unprecedented low. However, depending on your creative brief, several factors will influence the costs of your TV commercial.

tv adverting costs bulletLive action?

If your business requires a live action creative, then several necessary elements will increase your outlay. A location may need to be hired, as will a crew of camera operators, producers, make-up artists, runners and other professionals. You will also, of course, have to enlist at least one actor, as a well as equipment essential to completing a quality shoot; including cameras, lighting and sound.


tv adverting costs bulletAnimation?

When starting out in the TV advertising market, many businesses will elect to produce a graphics or animations based creative. One reason for this is that such an approach succeeds in communicating marketing messages in a clear and impactful manner, yet of more importance will be costs. Unlike a live action shoot, an animated creative will require minimum outlays other than studio time.


tv adverting costs bulletBranded or Direct Response?

Your TV production costs may be influenced by the overarching objectives of your TV advertising campaign. For example, if the goal of your television activity is to generate direct response through product-led calls to action, then spending thousands upon thousands on a sweeping, cinematic creative may not be within your best interests. However, if you’re looking to launch a campaign that raises awareness of your brand and develop a rapport with TV viewers, then an eye-catching creative will certainly help.

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