TV Advertising Costs

TV Advertising Costs

Businesses considering the launch of a TV campaign have never had access to such affordable TV advertising costs, both in terms of airtime and TV production.

Why is this? One key development over the past decade has been the explosion in channel choice driven by the digital switchover. No longer the domain of a small and exclusive club of terrestrial broadcasters engaging huge audiences, TV advertising now grants companies the opportunity to target smaller, specific audience groups of direct relevance to the product or service being advertised. This has had a significant impact on the cost-efficiency of TV, with every £1 spent delivering £1.79 in return profit – a figure that no other medium can better. And with regional TV advertising platforms also catering for localised strategies with ever-greater precision, there’s never been a better time for small and growing businesses to reach the next level through TV advertising.

However, whilst the continual refinement of targeting capabilities has improved campaign efficiency across the board, various factors will influence the cost of advertising on TV for your business.


TV advertising costs will vary depending on when you aim to advertise your businesses on TV. For example, the cost per spot will be lower in the likes of January and February, when demand is lower, and higher in April and May, typically months where more advertising activity takes place.


tv adverting costs bulletDay-parts

The times of day during which you advertise your business will also impact on TV advertising costs, with daytime (09:00-17:30) campaigns customarily more affordable than those broadcasted during peak time (17:30-23:00). This is due to the size of the viewing audiences tuning in at these times, with peak regarded as more of an opportunity for larger, brand response campaigns and daytime generally seen as the arena for direct response activity.


tv adverting costs bulletTV Audience

If you’re booking into the daytime TV schedule, then the likelihood is that your plan will be based against adults (16+), the standard buying audience. However, if your business model centres on a more specific customer base, then a plan targeting particular TV channels, day-parts and programming will be required, all of which can have an influence on costs.

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