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Understanding the costs of advertising on TV.

Calculating the costs of TV advertising

Calculating the costs of TV advertising

The costs of advertising on TV are influenced by various factors. These include the TV channels and programming your campaign will run on, audience viewing figures, times of day, month of airing, and the target audience you’re seeking to reach.
Training the lens on production costs

Training the lens on production costs

As TV airtime costs have decreased, so to have production fees. The explosion in technological accessibility has fostered new and affordable approaches to producing a TV advert, yet depending on your creative brief, rates will vary.
The costs of going regional

The costs of going regional

Not every business will want to launch a nationwide TV campaign, with many seeking to initially test the waters or promote offerings of relevance to specific geographical locations. If this is you, then several factors may influence the costs of advertising on TV.

If advertising on TV is of interest to you and your business, then we know that TV advertising costs will be at the forefront of your considerations. The good news is that the cost of planning your TV campaign has never been so affordable, with TV rates now 30% less expensive than they were a decade ago.

However, subject to your campaign objectives, TV costs will vary depending on the channels, regions, times of day, seasonality and creative concept central to your strategy. We’re here to clarify these variances, so that you’re left with the clearest picture of what's involved in calculating the costs of an effective TV campaign.

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